Saver CF

The Dr?_ger Saver emergency escape breathing apparatus provides up to 15 minutes of breathable air in a wide range of hazardous environments.


Product benefits:

Easy to wear
Automatic start

The Dr?_ger Saver CF unit is activated automatically when the carrying bag is opened. Simply donning the hood will start the constant flow of breathable air to the wearer.

Complete head protection
Low running costs

The Dr?_ger Saver CF is maintenance-free for ten years and, therefore, very economical to run.

Secure controls
A clearly audible acoustic signal will sound when the supply of breathable air has been used up.

Bright colour
The standard carrying bag is bright orange in colour and easily seen even in low visibility. Photoluminescence panels ensure that it can be found quickly, even in the dark. The bright orange colour of the hood also means it is highly visible to rescuers.