IKAR Webbing Energy Absorbing Lanyard - 1.5m

IKAR Webbing Energy Absorbing Lanyard ??? 1.5m to EN355:2002


25mm Webbing Energy Absorbing Lanyard with a Screwed Triangular Link one end and a Double Action Hook at the other end. Interconnection between the ???lanyard?۪ and the energy absorber is via a screwed triangular link. This Fall Arrest Lanyard should be used to protect the User when working in a potential fall situation i.e. on or near an exposed edge, so should a fall occur it will be arrested.

Users of Energy Absorbing, Fall Arrest Lanyards, should be trained in its safe use and the applications it is designed to be used in. This should include selection of connectors, selection of a suitable anchor point, pendulum swings, use over an edge and free space requirements.

All fall protection equipment made from synthetic fibres available for use by an employee should be inspected by the User prior to use each and every time it is used (for which they should have been trained to do so) and at least every 6 months should be subjected to a Detailed Inspection by a competent person. The actual frequency of the Detailed Inspection by the competent person should be deemed through ???risk assessment?۪ taking into account the frequency of use and the environment it is being used in. The competent person carrying out the Detailed Inspection should have specific training to inspect fall protection PPE.