IKAR Rescue harness

IKAR Safety Harness ??? two fall arrest attachment points, front and back, with overhead rescue attachment to EN361:2002 and EN1497:1996


45mm Webbing Fall Arrest Safety Harness with a rear fall arrest ???D?۪ ring, a front fall arrest ???D?۪ ring attachment point and overhead rescue ???D?۪ ring, with the leg loops, chest strap and shoulder straps all adjustable in length. The adjuster buckles on the legs and chest are a ???quick connect?۪ type where one part of the buckle passes through the other and then lay flat. On the shoulders there is a floating bar adjuster buckle so the length is adjusted through the buckle and upwards, so as to give maximum adjustment. Off the shoulder straps is fitted an integral overhead Rescue Attachment for confined space work. This attachment can be used for lifting, lowering and dragging, plus it has been tested and is approved for fall arrest when attached to an EN360 Fall Arrest Device which is coming from above and there is no risk of a factored fall. Due to the adjustment capabilities of the harness is comes in one size and fits across all sizes. Elasticated loops are fitted to the shoulder strap and chest strap assemblies so the ???tail ends?۪ can be retained neatly.

Wearers of Fall Arrest Safety Harnesses should be trained in its safe use and the applications it is designed to be used in. This should include fit and adjustment, selection of attachment devices and selection of a suitable anchor point.

All fall protection equipment made from synthetic fibres available for used and worn by an employee should be inspected by the User prior to use each and every time it is used (for which they should have been trained to do so) and at least every 6 months should be subjected to a Detailed Inspection by a competent person. The actual frequency of the Detailed Inspection by the competent person should be deemed through ???risk assessment?۪ taking into account the frequency of use and the environment it is being used in. The competent person carrying out the Detailed Inspection should have specific training to inspect fall protection PPE.

Safety Mundo can offer training in both the use and inspection of safety harnesses and associated products, either as a dedicated course or part of a larger training package.