G Winch

Set of 2 Brackets also required


A 50 metre winch, ideal for use in confined space applications, the G-Winch can be quickly and easily attached to the G-Tripod. Recommended for use in conjunction with the G-Saver II, which ensures the safe and easy raising or lowering of personnel.

The G-Winch has a high mechanical efficiency and a light, smooth action making personnel hoisting easy. The internal mechanism is case hardened to give a long, wear resistant life as well as toughness and durability. Cable retrieval rate of 50mm per handle revolution or 500mm per handle revolution when in rapid retrieval mode.


Gear Ratio - 1 : 8.9

Tough and durable powder coated pressed steel casing .

Easy to wind up with a self locking action, in normal mode, to prevent a load falling upon releasing the handle.

Fitted with a maximum 50mtrs of 5mm diameter galvanized steel cable and karabiner for attaching to a user?۪s harness.

Weight with 50m of cable: 21.5kg.

Two modes of use:
Normal for personnel use.
Rapid for quickly winding cable in or out.