G Tripod

A quality Tripod which is both durable and versatile for confined space and down hole applications.


Set up over the horizontal aperture the G-Tripod can be used in conjunction with the G-Saver II and or G-Winch. The G-Tripod can be supplied with brackets to suit the following equipment:

1) The G-Saver II or G-Stop.
2) The G-Winch using a under slung pulley.

Used with the G-Saver II to protect personnel descending into or leaving a confined space and with the G-Winch for lowering and raising personnel, the G-Tripod has been designed to give a secure and stable anchorage for the G-Range of safety products. There are two anchorage points allowing the use of a secondary back-up fall arrester, or other types of lifting / safety equipment. Accessories are available separately to facilitate this.

Manufactured from aluminium for lightness and long term durability, the tubular legs are telescopic and adjustable to accommodate uneven surfaces and ensure easy transport and storage. Robust rubber cup feet ensure stability in a wide variety of environments.

Weight (excluding brackets): 18 kg
Maximum height: 2.4m
Length when closed: 1.70m
Maximum leg span diameter: 2.25m
Maximum hole diameter: 1.75m