Draeger Pac 3500

Fast and reliable, accurate and maintenance-free for up to 2 years: Dr?_ger Pac 3500 is ideal for the industrial personal monitoring of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide or oxygen.


Large, language-free display
The large, language-free display continuously shows the gas concentration and simultaneously displays the corresponding measurement unit. The background light ensures that these values can be clearly read even in the dark.

Safety in any situation
The Dr?_ger Pac 3500 is equipped with the modern Dr?_ger XXS sensor. It has been carefully positioned to allow gas intake from both the top and the front of the device. Even if a gas inlet is accidentally been covered, a continous measurement is guaranteed.

Triple alarm
With the Dr?_ger Pac 3500, no alarm goes unnoticed: alongside a clearly audible, multi-tone signal and a visual alarm in the form of a bright, flashing 360-degree LED on the top and bottom of the device, it is also equipped with a vibrating alarm.

Event logger
The Dr?_ger Pac 3500 can store up to 60 events, along with their dates and times. An infrared interface allows them to be loaded onto the PC, where they can then be used for further analysis.

Bump and function test
The recommended function tests, which are to be performed regularly with a certain gas concentration, ensure that the device always works flawlessly. Using the Dr?_ger Bump Test Station, these tests can be performed within a matter of seconds.

Fast and robust Dr?_gerSensor??
The Dr?_ger XXS sensors boast extremely fast reaction times, thus offering greater safety. The robust sensors can also be used in extreme environmental conditions without triggering a false alarm. The XXS sensors also offer a long functional life of in excess of 4 years including the Oxygen sensor.

D?_ger Pac 3500 CO