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Wolf ATEX Zone 1 LED Head Torch

The HT-400 is a battery powered head lamp with LED light source.

Tripod Bag (RGR1 Tripod Only)

Specifically designed to safely store our RGR1 Tripod, this heavy duty bag features a full length top zip and two carry...

The G-Saver II Retractable Fall Arrest & Emergency Retrieval Winch

The G-Saver II is a retractable fall arrest device incorporating a rescue winch to raise or lower a person to safety.

Saver CF

The Dr?_ger Saver emergency escape breathing apparatus provides up to 15 minutes of breathable air in a wide range of...

SAR EVAC Stretcher

Always striving to keep at the forefront of development and design, SAR Products has once again improved the EVAC Body...

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RGL20 Kinetic Lanyard

The RGL20 is usually supplied in two standard lengths: 1.3mtr and 1.8mtr excluding connectors

RGH5 Rescue Harness

The RGH5 is designed for use as a confined access harness.

RGH3 Rear & Side D Harness

The RGH3 combines the basic fall arrest harness with a comfortable work-positioning belt in one unit.

RGH2 Front & Rear D Harness

The RGH2 harness is the " Workhorse " of the industry. The harness is fitted with a rear dee and a chest mounted front...

Rescue Tripod

The RGR1 Rescue Tripod is portable, lightweight and is easy to erect on site.

PAS Micro valved cylinder assemblies

Dr?_ger offers a Large selection of cylinders ranging from the 2l short duration to 4.7l cylinders with a choice of...

P+P Basic

Single point fall arrest harness, with 3 bar slide and rectangular link, leg and chest connections.

Oxygen Self-rescuer Oxy K-30 S

This latest generation of self-contained chemical oxygen self-rescuers was developed in response to customer...

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NiMH-power pack

NiMH-power pack for X-AM3000

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IKAR Webbing Lanyard - 1m

IKAR Webbing Lanyard - 1.0m to EN354:2002

IKAR Webbing Energy Absorbing Lanyard - 1.5m

IKAR Webbing Energy Absorbing Lanyard ??? 1.5m to EN355:2002

IKAR Rescue harness

IKAR Safety Harness ??? two fall arrest attachment points, front and back, with overhead rescue attachment to...

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