Energy Absorbing Y Lanyard

IKAR Webbing Energy Absorbing Y Lanyard ??? 1.0m to EN355:2002
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25mm Webbing Energy Absorbing Y Lanyard with a Screwed Triangular Link at one end and Large Double Action Hooks at the Y ends. Interconnection between the ???lanyard?۪ and the energy absorber is via a screwed triangular link. This Fall Arrest Lanyard should be used to protect the User when working in a potential fall situation i.e. on or near an exposed edge, so should a fall occur it will be arrested. By using a IKAR ???Y?۪ Energy Absorbing, Fall arrest Lanyard, which has two ???working?۪ attachment ends, it gives the User the ability to stay permanently attached when moving around, giving permanent work attachment for example on a lattice steel tower.

This type of lanyard is also sometimes called a Twin Safety Lanyards, Twin Energy Absorbing Lanyard, Twin Fall Arrest Lanyard, Twin Fall Arrester, Twin Shock Absorber Lanyard, Twin Shock Absorbing Lanyard, Twin Arrester Lanyard, Twin Leg Safety Lanyards, Twin Leg Energy Absorbing Lanyard, Twin Leg Fall Arrest Lanyard, Twin Leg Fall Arrester, Twin Leg Shock Absorber Lanyard, Twin Leg Shock Absorbing Lanyard, Twin Leg Arrester Lanyard Two Tails Two Tails Energy Absorbing Lanyard, Two Tails Fall Arrest Lanyard, Two Tails Fall Arrester, Two Tails Shock Absorber Lanyard, Two Tails Shock Absorbing Lanyard, Two Tails Arrester Lanyard

Length 1.0m

Weight 1.35 Kg